Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Word Tutorial for Designers

Creating a Letterhead with Styles in Word

Over and over again I have been asked by clients to send them layouts in Word (insert cringe here). I reached out to a couple of my (designer) friends with "how to" questions, with which they replied "tried to figure that out once....almost through my computer against the wall...". After my most recent Word layout request I decided to go ahead and put together a mini tutorial. Even though Word somehow becomes the most complicated program ever after graduating from design school, it doesn't have to be. Hope this helps!

1) After designing your letterhead in Indesign or Illustrator export as a high res png
2) Open Word
3) Create new document - if your design has a bleed make sure to change the size of the         Word Doc as well *if client is printing on their own office printer, remember to explain           that it will print with a white boarder unless they trim 
4) In the nav bar click on the Header and Footer section
5) Click on Header and choose any pre-designed header, erase any placement text 

6) Click Insert > Photo > Picture from File (choose your png file)
7) Format > Picture > Size (word will automatically compress the file by 75%) > change to       100%

8) Layout (in same Format Picture box) > Behind Text

9) Click “Advanced...” 

10) In Advanced Layout make sure the settings are:

        Horizontal: Absolute Position 0, to the right of Page
        Vertical: Absolute Position 0, below Page
11) OK


1) In your top nav bar you will have a bunch of premade styles already in the bar - 

2)  Right Click on one of the Styles in order to Customize
3) Click “Modify”

4) Here you can rename, change fonts, color, etc

5) If you click on the Format drop down menu you will have the option to change leading         and tracking or “spacing” as word calls it

Take this and cringe a little less at Word. It's not so bad :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here are some more photos from the shoot with Bernadette. I threw in some candids because she's just lovely.


Monday, February 20, 2012

A Website

Awesome photographer Liana Pavon (L.I.A. Photography) asked me to design her website. I love the feel of this site and I'm interested in what you think. Here are a couple stills.


Once again with the muse

Elegance much?


Into The Woods

So I've been gone for months. But just because I've been gone doesn't mean I haven't been, as always, busy. I have a lot to post so I hope you enjoy my first.

I recently moved out of my gorgeous, art filled and ever inspiring San Francisco to the woods. The actual woods. I'm so surprised how much I love it. I live in beauty. Not that SF isn't just one of the most beautiful cities in the world but this is different. For one, we have wild life that does not consist of pigeons or city mice. This goes in the plus pile. Which leads me to the subject of my post.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Awesome Artists

:) I went to an amazing show last night, unfortunately my phone died and I only had a chance to take this photo. But! it was a very cool artist so, ya!

going to another amazing show tonight to see the amazing Tandra and her jewelry line LAMB. pics to come!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love this arch!

I have been coming across more and more photos of our amazing wedding day. I finally have a full photo of the arch the Carl and I got married under. I want to say that this one was all Kate Jett's doing (Flora Jett)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding Design and Fun

Hello all you crazy kids. On this gorgeous Saturday I bring you fabulous photos by Liana Pavon Photography. Liana is a talented Oakland based photographer and she was kind enough to balance being a guest and photographer at my wedding. She captured the results of my crafting/designing/planning.
Our wedding took place at Murrieta's Well in the Livermore Valley. It's peaceful, rustic and stunning.  


Flower Arrangements by Flora Jett
Lanterns by Pottery Barn 

Martinis & Vows

Vintage Shutters found on ebay 

Vintage Wedding Dress and Feather Head Piece - Torso  Vintages San Francisco
Jewelry- Vintage
Shoes- John Fluevog 

My gorgeous husband 

Dress- Torso Vinatges

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My New Muse

So I have become completely captivated by one of my friends amazing 1930's face and her Mia Wallace Halloween costume...I'm a creep what can I say. Anyway She was gracious enough to spend her Saturday with me and let me take a couple photos while we ate gluten free brownies ;)